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Summer Marathon: August 7th-9th for Now Worries Now


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Yes, we have a marathon for No Worries Now. A non-profit that organizes proms for teens with life-threatening illness. For more Information go to

Incentives ( per person overall)

$1 – A Trivia Question

$5 – A Game Raffle Ticket

$10 – A Console Raffle Ticket

Every $100 There we be a reading of a horrible Fan Fiction! (Of the chat Choice)


$100 – Horror block

$250 – Day 2 (More Awesome game Coop Games)

$500- Day 3 (Ryan Block and V.S Game)

$1000+ – Bonus Streams

Every $100 We will Read a Fan Friction( Chat choice)

Can’t donate?

Bring a friend and you both get a game raffle!